The Artist...

Over the years, I have had many “careers” in the design world including historic costume preservation, theater set and costume design, department store visual merchandising/display design, residential and commercial interior design, and custom furniture design.

We have two cancer survivors in our little 4-person family unit, and I believe in my heart that it is through this shared survival that we have all found the strength for taking on each new day with positive determination and an honest appreciation for the beauty around us and for our time together. I try to infuse that same appreciation into each piece that I design.

An important part of my work also includes giving back through donations of my pieces to various charities including the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

Within each collection there is a sense of tangible treasure – of holding and touching and wearing something very special that has just been rediscovered – and that has just begun to tell the stories of its past to a new generation. Each piece is hand designed and one-of-a-kind, and celebrates finding and appreciating the lost stories in all of our lives. In an era of mass-produced living, I find embracing treasures that have lasted decades – and in some instances, centuries – to be a much more rewarding way to embellish my world.